What to see in Benalmádena: a triad in synergy

Arroyo de la Miel together with Benalmádena Costa and Pueblo make up a town that combines the best of a municipality with the sea and one with the mountains.

If we get intense , we could say that Benalmádena has grown from its coast towards the mountains pushed by the waves of tourism. And, furthermore, that at the same time it has been filling the previously untouched spaces with a city ​​full of possibilities : whatever is sought in it, it will be found. Of that there is no doubt.

The town of Benalmadena is divided into three nuclei that complement each other in synchrony and synergy (do you remember this word? The national political fauna valued it : there was no politician who did not pronounce “synergy” every five seconds. his determination to use the expression “put in value”. Now what is not stopped hearing everywhere is “in plan”)

Well, as we were saying, Benalmádena is divided into Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena Pueblo and Benalmádena Costa , and each of these centers offers very specific elements with which to attract visitors, such as monuments, spaces, corners and various attractions. .

In addition, with a firm commitment to its beaches, from Carvajal to Fuente de la Salud , the citizens of Benalmádena and its tourists enjoy a coastline with high quality , services and facilities, with constant and determined improvement.

Colomares Castle

Let’s start this brief list of places to visit in Benalmádena with what is possibly the freakiest castle in the province, a very special construction dedicated to Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America: the Castle of Colomares.

This was a crazy project by the doctor Esteban Martín y Martín, who, between 1987 and 1994, and with the simple help of two bricklayers from Mijas , built this special place with his own hands that it could only be built in the Petri dish. which is the Costa del Sol .

Dr. Esteban put together this tribute mixing various architectural influences such as Neo-Byzantine, Neo-Romanesque, Neo-Gothic and Neo-Mudejar styles, which culturally marked Spain.

The Castle Colomares is built with the simplest materials : glass for windows Beautiful interior brick, concrete, natural stone, wood, and.

The monument, whose floor plan covers an area of ​​1,500 square meters, presents various elements of the symbolism of the Catholic Monarchs , references to the voyage of Columbus, as well as the three cultures present in medieval Spain: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

On its grounds we can even see a Chinese pagoda that symbolizes the original idea of ​​Columbus to reach the coasts of Asia.

But the thing does not end there: it also houses the smallest chapel in the world , which does not reach two square meters, consecrated to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary and with images of Christ molded by Dr. Esteban, a man with two hands, A lot of construction materials, a dream and a lot of free time.

Tivoli World

Another crazy place: Tivoli World . Whoever has not gone to Tivoli to celebrate their First Communion …

This is a park full of fountains and gardens where you can enjoy classic attractions and modern high-tech gadgets. And all very safe, of course .

ach member of the family will live their own adventure and is sure to have fun.

How to forget the famous Tivolino or the Supertivolino with which we can practically climb on the backs of the Tivoli workers to be carried away.

Torrequebrada tower

Among the heritage of Benalmádena we find the Torre de Torrequebrada . It is located inside the Benalmadena urbanization of the same name, on a promontory that overlooks highway 340. Despite this, it is accessible and it is worth going and observing it from its base, since it sits on rocks.

Torrequebrada is situated in an abrupt stretch of topography, where coves alternate with cliffs, this being the most strategic point on the coast between Torremolinos and Fuengirola ; hence the location of this tower.

It is believed that it was built by the Muslims and owes its name to the state of disrepair in which it was found until it was rebuilt several times during the 16th century.

Stupa of Enlightenment

In these moments of necessary hope, the largest Buddhist stupa in the western world stands as a beacon of wisdom, serenity and peace where we can go and take amazing photos.

At more than 33 meters high, the Benalmádena stupa is crowned by a golden cone that can be seen from the entire coastline that mediates between the town and Fuengirola .

The Enlightenment Stupa is a Buddhist monument to world peace, prosperity, and harmony , and a lofty place to meditate on where in our lives everything went to hell.

Paloma Park

Another corner of peace, unless we go with children, is the Paloma de Benalmádena park  which, like the Verbena de la Paloma, becomes a meeting point for hundreds of visitors on weekends.

La Paloma Park is the main urban green area of ​​the town and one of the favorite parks on the Costa del Sol due to its size and facilities to throw the roll in front of the tourists.

It has more than 200,000 square meters of green areas, where you can find walking areas, an artificial lake , two modern playgrounds, trails, animals and restaurant areas.

Butterfly Park of Benalmádena

Yes, the Benalmádena Butterfly Park is one of those projects that are presented in Fitur and that have all the ballots not to leave. But in this case, unbelievably, it did come out.

As its name suggests, it is an enclosure that gathers more than 1,500 butterflies from around the world to flutter across your face.

In a tropical habitat , prepare for a sticky, humid environment that will be worth enduring because you will leave here with more and more colorful photos than your Instagram account can handle.

Marina Puerto Marina

If James Bond visited Benalmádena, he would undoubtedly stop by Puerto Marina . The Benalmádena marina is a residential and port complex with a very attractive and unique architecture.

Awarded twice as the ‘Best Marina in the World’ , it has 1,100 berths and, thanks to its facilities as well as the privileged climate of the Costa del Sol, it offers a wide calendar of activities and events that make this environment one one of the best that can be chosen to enjoy the sea.

Its climate allows all kinds of tourist, leisure and recreational activities to be carried out.

The coastline of Benalmádena

Complementing (or rather the other way around) Puerto Marina, the Benalmadena coastline . All Benalmadena beaches are accessible from a promenade that in practice crosses the town from one end to the other.

In it we will find the usual intermingled nodes of beach bars, restaurants, hotels, shops and other purely tourist places that have sprung up all over the Costa del Sol.

The eastern beaches of the town are wide and spiky, while the western ones are rocky coves , many of them somewhat isolated by small cliffs and, therefore, relatively quiet. It also has areas where diving is traditional and a great attraction.

The rocks of Benalmádena stand out among the beaches of Las Yucas and Torremuelle de Benalmádena . This coastal setting shows some beautiful rock formations and, unfortunately.

However, if our thing is not to get into the water beyond the taps , we can enjoy the about 20 kilometers of sand, gravel and palm groves

This year there are two beaches in Benalmádena that have been awarded a blue flag for their quality: the Fuente de la Salud beach and the Torrebermeja – Santa Ana beach .

The beach Fuente de la Salud is the easternmost beach in Benalmádena and is characterized by moderate waves and fine sand.

It is a very busy beach as it is an ideal sandy area for practicing different nautical activities.

In fact, although its size is not excessively large, the nearby yacht club that we find in the area offers a large catalog of nautical and sports activities that make it a very desirable beach.

The blue flag award that has been renewed this year 2020 (and they are already going …) recalls the unmistakable quality of the Fuente de la Salud beach.

Thus, this discreet beach, 150 meters long and 80 meters wide, is a small and perfect epilogue of the Benalmadena coastline, the natural border that separates it from the neighboring coast of Torremolinos .

We find Santa Ana – Torrebermeja beach next to the town’s marina : Puerto Marina .

This urban beach equipped with all kinds of services is very popular for that type of swimmer who does not prioritize tranquility or tranquility on the coasts. Which makes it perfect for people who like crowds , since it is undoubtedly one of the most visited and demanded beaches in the town. This year, however, it will be calmer, alas.

It measures just over a kilometer in length with an average width of 200 meters, has fine, golden sand and, like Bil-Bil beach , is surrounded by hotels and tourist apartments and has the best nautical services in Benalmádena, which this year has made it worthy of once again displaying a mast with a waving blue flag.

Prison Island

Located in the commercial center of Puerto Marina de Benalmádena, Prison Island is a place where, they assure us, people of any age can put their physical and mental abilities to the test, but, above all, where they will put their ability to work to the test. team up. That is, more than one will end up burned with his brother-in-law .

Prison Island has 21 cells and each of them has a challenge to overcome . This is what sets this escape room apart from the rest: instead of being locked in a single space, you have a set time to resolve as many cells as possible.


The concept is inspired by a prison – don’t panic: nobody will get tattooed from head to toe with a map like the protagonist of Prison Break – and the decoration is an immersive extra developed by hand by artists from the School of Art. from Prague .

The challenges are very varied: there are cells of pure logic, cells where physical difficulty is the determining factor , cells of aim, precision, strategy, balance … Come on, not even an American gladiator does this .

The challenges are designed for teams of 3 to 4 people , although it can also be played in pairs or in teams of 5 if there are young children in the group.

If the groups are too many, they divide and compete with each other. There can be a maximum of 16 teams at the same time, that is, 64 people . This makes this escape room perfect for celebrations such as birthdays, company incentives, bachelor parties (because marriage no longer escapes), school excursions …

A laser tag on the Costa del Sol! Why aren’t we already there ?!